Waitsfield Scrag Forest

Waitsfield Scrag Forest

Waitsfield, VT – November 2014

Sinuosity completed the Waitsfield Scrag Forest Trail Design and Construction Plan for the Town of Waitsfield, under the guidance and request of the Waitsfield Conservation Commission. The plan consists of recommendations for mitigation of existing erosion on the existing trail, as well as new trail design to access other areas of interest within the property boundaries.  The resulting trail design and layout was intently guided and informed by the in depth and comprehensive Forest Management Plan for the property.

The proposed trail layout was able to highlight many of the unique features of the property, such as vistas and areas of ecological, educational, and geological interest while balancing the need to reduce wildlife disturbance and negotiate challenging terrain. Additionally, this project involved work within areas of near future timber harvest where the proposed trail alignment provides opportunities for forest stewardship education. The higher terrain constraints as well as confinement to existing trail right-of-ways yielded a trail suitable for pedestrian foot travel.

The conclusion of the project included a Design Report and Construction Plan including phasing and maps of proposed trail alignment, a marked trail layout, and public forum to present the proposed plan to the Town of Waitsfield.

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