GIS Trail Mapping

Sinuosity can provide a variety of GIS mapping services for your trail project.  We can design anything from conceptual trail network vision maps to print quality maps of finished trail networks.  The examples below illustrate some of the map styles that we produce.

A few of our maps:

Trail Crew Education and Leadership

We can train and lead your volunteer trail work groups.  Our extensive experience leading volunteer trail builders has created many miles of sustainable trails and empowered participants.

Trail Maintenance and Stewardship Plans

Trail maintenance is a key aspect of responsible trail stewardship.  Let us create a maintenance plan with a corresponding map and database of scheduled tasks to revitalize your trails.

Race Course Design and Construction

Brooke’s extensive racing history allows Sinuosity to bring an experienced XC and DH racer’s perspective to the design, mapping, and construction of enjoyable, challenging, and memorable race courses.