Backyard Flow Track

Backyard Flow Track

Williston, VT – 2015

Brooke teamed up with Shawn of Ridesport Construction to build a fun little backyard Flow Track in a gently sloping field in Williston. The clients loved it and even helped us with some of the finish work.

VT Backyard Flow Trail

We built a sweet little flow trail for a very lucky soon-to-be 9 year old (and his dad). Tons of fun for all! It's only 450 feet long, but we rode laps and tried different combos on the roller 4 pack for an hour after we finished. A gently sloping field, some piles of good dirt, and a few days of work from Sinuosity is all you'd need to have your own!

Posted by Sinuosity: Flowing Trails on Monday, September 14, 2015